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Care Tips for Your UjENA Swimwear
Handmade Swimwear just for YOU

All UjENA products are hand-cut, hand-sewn and MADE FRESH DAILY in our personally owned factory. We are proud to say that every UjENA Label is made.  Here at UjENA, we strive to offer innovative ways to make your swimsuit shopping both fresh and rewarding for you while offering you cutting edge designs, the finest fabrics and styles to make EVERY women feel her best. UjENA suits are made with LOVE in EVERY Stitch just for YOU. As you care for your UjENA garment it is important to consider the following tips.

Before your first wearing....
To keep the color vibrant on your suit and to prevent it from fading, or bleeding, soak your new swimsuit for 30 minutes in a mixture of water and white vinegar (1 TBLS vinegar per 1 quart water). Rinse thoroughly in cool water and hang to dry. Do not hang in direct sunlight.

After wearing your suit...
Hand rinse the suit in cool water after wear (After Hot-Tub, Chlorinated Pool, or Salt Water). Most resorts and public pools offer an outdoor shower and we advise to use after being in the pool, ocean or hot tub.
Rinse the suit after every wearing, even if you didn’t get wet, to remove sunscreen, sweat, and body oils.
Gently roll the suit (don’t wring it out) to get rid of excess water, and then air-dry it away from direct sunlight.


Rinse newer suits by themselves until all excess dye washes out – bleeding of the dye is normal and will stop after a few washes.
Never wear the same suit two days in a row or it will stretch. Give your garment a 24-hour rest so the spandex has time to recover its shape to normal.
Avoid leaning on rough surfaces, like rocks, cement, or wood, to prevent snags.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Your suit makes you look good so take care and your UjENA suit will look great for years to come. UjENA Swimwear is meant to bring out the poolside goddess and beach beauty in ALL women around the world. All of our embellishments (gold, nickel, beads, etc) can be worn in salt and chlorinated water. To prevent fading, please follow the care instructions above.

Sun, tanning/bronzing lotions, tinted moisturizers, oils, harsh chemicals and minerals, salt water, chlorine, bleach and extreme heat naturally put wear on ANY swimsuit and can turn it yellow; this is not a manufacturing defect. Wear your UjENA Suit as often as you like; just remember to follow the care instructions.

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